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The difference between 304 and 304L stainless steel

Date:2023-03-16View:191Tags:Stainless steel rectangular&square tube,Stainless steel hollow section,Stainless steel Screen Pipe
304 and 304L are two common stainless steel grades in the world, so how to distinguish them, the steel ring network will introduce the specific method for you today.
First, the chemical composition of 304 stainless steel C≤0.08 Si≤1.00 Mn≤2.00 P≤0.05 S≤0.03 Cr 18.00-20.00 Ni (nickel) 8.00~10.50 -;
The chemical composition of 304L stainless steel is % C: ≤0.03, Si: ≤1.0, Mn: ≤2.0, Cr: 17.0~19.0, Ni: 8.0~11.0, S: ≤0.03, P: ≤0.035.
It can be seen that the main components of 304 stainless steel and 304L stainless steel contain 18% chromium (Cr) and 8% nickel (Ni); their main difference is that 304L stainless steel is low-carbon 304 steel. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is similar to that of 304 stainless steel, but after welding or stress relief, 304L stainless steel has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion.
Secondly, in terms of price, 304L stainless steel is higher than 304 stainless steel. 304L stainless steel is a low-carbon stainless steel, which is mainly suitable for welding processes. When welding, the use of 304L stainless steel can effectively reduce welding corrosion.
According to the hardness standard, 304 stainless steel is better than 304L stainless steel, because the carbon content directly affects the hardness of stainless steel. In addition, there are 304H stainless steel series, H means high carbon content.
In terms of use, 304: 0Cr18Ni9, as a widely used steel, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; it has good hot workability such as stamping and bending, and has no heat treatment hardening phenomenon (non-magnetic) , then use temperature -196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃). Household goods (category 1 and 2 tableware, cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs), auto parts (windshield wipers, mufflers, moldings), medical appliances, building materials, chemicals, food industry, agriculture, ship parts.
304L: 00Cr19Ni10 is a low-C 304 steel. In general, its corrosion resistance is similar to that of 304, but after welding or stress relief, its resistance to intergranular corrosion is excellent; without heat treatment, it is also Can maintain good corrosion resistance, service temperature -196 ℃ ~ 800 ℃.
Applied to field machines in the chemical, coal and petroleum industries that require high resistance to grain boundary corrosion, heat-resistant parts of building materials and parts that are difficult to heat treat

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